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Company Overview

Welcome to Holistic Living India Ltd. . A place enriched in Luxury, dedicated Service , Utmost Care & a heaven for the most desrving Connoisseur seniors like you. A concept not only in thoughts but in deeds too.

A Lifestyle luxury living made for Seniors who can proudly say that they have acheived in life and arrived here at SATSANG to live their Golden years as Kings & Queens in a prestiegous & Luxurious lifestyly living community.

Holistic Living India Ltd is part of a Business group who are in to Financial Services / Management Consultants / Corporate Guest Houses in Prime Locations / Real Estate Funding & Property development Finance verticals.

Holistic Living India Ltd Team is lead by its CEO L RAJA RAJAN, well experienced in managing multiple product categories and Succesfully launched top of the line Real Estate projects in Chennai city with a diversified background from leading MNC's in India and abroad.

The Project is being executed by top of the line professionals in the Real Estate Sector and would be setting benchmarks in quality standards and many first credits in the industry

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Senior Luxury Living...An Idea Getting Its Shape

Transforming To Luxury Living

The Idea of seniors living in a well knit community and their homes diametricaly different from what they have lived earlier, a home which had been only a dream so far,an environment fresh and new,a care which is unmatched in dedication is what is shaping up at SATSANG.


The facility will be Green Certified Gold Rated by IGBC

ASLI - Association of Senior Living India certification applied

Obtaining Accreditations relating to the industry are underway.