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1)What is the Booking Advance?

5% of the total cost is booking advance.

2)What is the Payment schedule?

Payments are in staggered lots and based on achieving milestones. (Progress based)

3)Are Bank Loans available?

Bank Loans from leading Nationalised /Private banks and all NBFC’s & HFC’s are available.

4)What is the Project Approval Status?

Project is duly APPROVED by DTCP. LP/DTCP No 19/2010.

5)When will the Construction start?

Construction will begin shortly.

6)When will the common amenities be ready?

Construction of both villas & Common Amenities start together and will be completed as per plan.

7)Is it a Gated Community?

A Gated Community & secured complex. Only the Members (Villa Owners) and their Guests are allowed.

8)How is the service rated?

Star rating or equivalent.

9)How will the Maintenance of the facility be carried out?

The entire complex will be maintained by the company specialized in all areas of running the complex as per star category standards with periodic performance audits.

10)Does the owner has the selling rights ?

Yes the owner enjoys the selling rights of the property however the living rights inside the complex has terms & Conditions which is detailed in the agreement.

11)Can the owner assign / bequeath /transfer the property?

Yes can be done, however the living rights of the new owner inside the complex are governed under the terms & Conditions detailed in the agreement.

12)Can the property be rented out?

Property can be rented out through the Governing company and monthly rentals payable to the owner.